Who I am as a counselor

Finding the counselor that is the right fit for you is an important first step towards your success. It can be really hard to get a sense of who your counselor is through a website, so hopefully this will give you more insight into me, what I’m passionate about, and what to expect. If you finish reading through this and have more questions, just let me know and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

The first thing that I want to share with you is that I enjoy and appreciate working with people, period. Caring about others and the relationships in my life is important to me. 

Because I’ve been in my own counseling, I know what it has taken for me to overcome my own hurdles. I believe that you’re able to get through your struggles, too.  At the same time, the solutions that work for me aren’t necessarily the right answer for you. What I offer is a safe space to collaborate together and find the answers that will help you specifically. I’m a supportive counselor that will interact with you throughout the session. I don’t wait for my clients to fill the silence or do all the work, but I do know that the more effort you put into counseling, the more you get out of it. After all, if I do all the work, you don’t benefit! Similarly, if I paid my personal trainer to do all the work at the gym, I wouldn’t notice any changes for myself.  It’s really what I take away from my personal training and use during the week that creates the change. Likewise, my goal is to have you walk away every week with something that sticks with you and that you’re able to wrestle with. 

Asking for help can feel wrong or just plain uncomfortable to do. Some fear judgment from others, especially a stranger like myself. I get it! At the same time my clients that ask for help are some of the bravest and strongest people whom I know. I understand that many of the things we feel embarrassed about or fear being judged for are things that we’ve done that are a product of our emotional turmoil. I don’t judge my clients for this, and after counseling for year, I’m at the point that I’m un-shockable.

The head and heart speak two different languages. You’ve probably noticed that you can change your mind quite simply or rationally understand why you “should” or “shouldn’t” be angry, depressed, or anxious. Emotions need to be processed through the heart in order to move on. We cannot process these emotions until the depths of the emotions are understood. Just as one must think to change their mind, one must feel in order to change their emotions. My approach helps in slowing the brain down in order to honor the voice in your heart. While this is not as easy as changing your mind, the outcome of the work tends to be transformative and enduring. In instances where the depths of these emotions are not fully worked through, they are saved for later, and I find they will eventually work against us. I am honored to work with clients in dealing with the habits that are hurting them or getting them stuck from reaching their full potential.


For those of you who just want the facts: 


  • Licensed Profession Counselor

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


  • Master of Arts in Marriage & Family Therapy (2013) George Fox University (Portland, OR)

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology (2009) University of Oregon (Eugene, OR)


  • Member – American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)

  • Member – Psychology Today

  • Member - Northwest Institute of Integrative Counseling and Training


  • Yamhill County Adult Behavioral Health Mental Health Specialist II

  • Lifeworks Northwest Mental Health Counselor

  • Multnomah University Adjunct Professor

  • Western Psychological and Counseling Services Youth and Adolescent Behavioral Specialist